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FPD International 2011: 3D, High Resolution, In-Cell Touch, and Transparent LCDs

Anyone attending FPD International 2011 in Yokohama has probably found that the atmosphere is slightly different from past years. There are fewer demonstrations, not as many new products, and unfortunately, lower attendance. Some panel makers are absent, and others are only showing a few products in small booths. These circumstances reflect the current difficulties in the display industry.

That said, FPD International is still the largest FPD show in the world, and for most the most part, the show has been quite crowded. Many people have been taking pictures of innovative demonstrations, such as AUO’s 32” full HD AMOLED TV panel with oxide TFT backplane, Samsung’s ultra-slim bezel LCD TV panel, Asahi’s Gen 8 0.5 mm glass substrate made using float processes, LG Display’s low-power 47” LCD TV panel, Toshiba’s 498 ppi mobile panel, and a glasses-free 3D panel from Chimei Innolux.

After spending the day walking around the show and talking with industry people, I found four categories that have emerged as hot topics: 3D, high resolution, in-cell touch, and transparent LCDs.


  • AUO: 46” and 55” 3D LCD TVs and 65” 240 Hz 3D for commercial usage; AUO demonstrated both scanning and pattern retarder technologies
  • Chimei Innolux: 3D/2D switchable barrier glasses-free LCD
  • Toshiba: 3.0” wide-QXGA glasses-free field sequential 3D panel with OCB technology
  • Samsung: Full line-up of 3D LCD TVs dubbed “Smart 3D TV,” including 46”, 55”, and 75”
  • Hitachi: LCL (liquid crystal lens) glasses-free IPS 3D panel
  • LG Display: Full line of FPR 3D TV panels and a high resolution AH-IPS mobile panel
  • Toshiba: Integrated imaging 3D display with nine parallax images projected through a lenticular sheet

High Resolution

  • Sharp: 85” 8K×4K LCD TV showing NHK content
  • Hitachi: Series of high density medical displays
  • AUO: 4.3” 960 × 540 qHD AMOLED (257 ppi) and 4.46” 1280 × 720 AHVA panel (330 ppi)
  • Toshiba: 6.1” 2560 × 1600 (498 ppi), targeted at tablet PCs, smart phones, and other high pixel density displays, including 292, 310, 317, and 403 ppi
  • Philips: 4K×2K (3840 × 2160) panel, showing glasses-free 3D with 15 viewing points

In-Cell Touch

  • Chimei Innolux: IPS LCD with in-cell touch sensor, supporting multi-touch (10 points)
  • AUO: 27” full HD panel with integrated OGS (one glass solution) supporting multi-touch (10 points), and targeting all-in-one PCs and monitors. AUO claims this is the largest OGS touch panel.

Transparent LCDs

  • LG Display: 26” C-Thru (see-through) LCD panel
  • AUO: 65” transparent LCD, installed in a slot machine showing a video overlay, and 19” “hollow display” on a Pachinko slot game machine
  • Samsung: 22” transparent portable LCD TV with stylish design

Figure 1: AUO’s 65” Transparent LCD Installed on a Vending Machine


In addition to these demonstrations, there were other interesting products and technologies on display, such as e-paper, MEMS, flexible AMOLED, and narrow-bezel mobile phone panels. Many component makers, such as glass substrate manufacturers, optical film producers, photomask producers, and equipment companies, also exhibited.

These technologies and products provide clues for short- and long-term development of the FPD industry. We will be providing more details, in several upcoming reports.

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