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Ikea Shames the TV Industry

The announcement that Ikea will launch a TV range shows what is so wrong and right with the industry. It’s a cliché to say that the TV is more than a gadget but also a piece of furniture, but Ikea has really proved it.

 The TV will be available in a variety of screen sizes, with a base unit incorporating a receiver module and disk player. As several screen sizes are available, it is likely that the screen part is a dumb HDMI monitor. Reportedly, TCL will be manufacturing the electronics.

 That highlights what is wrong with the industry. While some consumers are likely to think twice before buying an Ikea TV, concerned about the quality of the image or other performance attributes, Ikea is offering a five year guarantee, which at least addresses reliability concerns. But any consumer encountering a Japanese name on the set would have felt instantly reassured and bought in even more confidence. So why was this opportunity missed by the Japanese? Without doubt, Ikea drives a hard bargain, but the inability to compete on cost (even with brand equity adding value) is surely important. So either Japanese setmakers couldn’t compete, or ignored the built-in furniture opportunity even though some of the Ikea TV furniture costs as much as a 32” TV!

  • TVguy

    TCL will lose moeney on this just like they did on RCA brand they made

  • Zdrkul

    That is pathetic

  • sanjai

    looks interesting but I dont think it will add any value to IKEA..

  • http://www.facebook.com/audrey.librouwer Audrey Li-Brouwer

    Anyone know who makes the TV for IKEA?

  • Phishy06

    TCL– The Creative Life, Huge brand in China, just entered US Market, sells at Amazon, great tvs!!!

  • Phishy06

    Clearly they are ok, they are the #6 largest tv manufacturer globally, think they survived. Do your research

  • Anonymous

    Rumor has it that IKEA first flirted with a fellow European brand, but eventually things turned sour between IKEA and this European brand…otherwise such a product might have hit the shelves 4 years ago…

  • JET

    This is an incredibly smart move on IKEA.  Buy the stand and we will throw in the TV!!!!!!  What’s truly sad is that their is some truth to that and consumers see flat panel as just another commodity with very little value.  These will sell.

  • Guest

    Five years warranty is great!… Ikea will make money by selling furniture for this TV set. Buyers will see every single day the IKEA brand on their TV.

  • Maventwo

    IKEA Uppleva will off course have special dimensions of TV-screen and other parts of this Uppleva multimedia furniture.
    IKEA uses this concept in theirs kitchens, for instance if the hob in glass will be cracked and you want to buy a new one at some other white goods shop.
    You can´t because IKEA uses special dimensions of their hob in glass, you must buy through IKEA a new hob in glass.

    IKEA uses some tactics as Apple do with their special contact for charging and transmission in their Iphone.
    Not as other mobile phone makers do more and more with use of the Micro-USB contact.

  • Valley_nomad