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BIS Certification Mandatory to Sell FPD TVs in India

The Indian government has announced that, effective April 3rd,  all PDP and LCD TVs 32 inches and larger will need a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification to sell in the Indian market. Until now, India did not have any compulsory registration process, and manufacturers have used CE, CB, UL and other certifications to convey product quality standards. However, these foreign certifications will have to co-exist with the mandatory BIS certification.

The BIS certification has to be acquired by domestic and foreign manufacturers, and is based on location, so multiple manufacturing units producing the same products will need certification and registration for each location. Agents in India or brands that are using OEMs from outside can apply on behalf of the manufacturer under an authorization.

Other goods that have come under compulsory registration include set-top boxes and notebook PCs. This would ensure that a standard product is available across India and would definitely help large foreign OEM’s initially as they are better equipped to fulfil these requirements. The costs of such registration are to be borne by the manufacturer, who has to provide details of the products that they intend to manufacture for India. The details are required to be submitted to authorised laboratories entrusted with the issuance of certification.

This may affect the supply chain for FPD  TVs unless proactive action is taken to ensure the BIS certification is received in time. Standard time requirement to receive the certificate should be around 4-6 weeks. This means that OEMs outside India or domestic manufacturing units need to complete the process by first week of March. We forecast that 7.9 million LCD TVs will ship in India in 2013, just over half of which are 32 inches and larger; in addition, approximately 60,000 plasma TVs are expected to ship.

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