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Anything You Can Do, I Can Do…

The demonstration by Sony of a curved LCD at IFA shows the headache presented to OLED strategists. Their technology has to establish itself on a battlefield largely defined by the enemy. In TV, OLED is yet to establish a foothold and now it faces a mature industry with numerous research teams working on countering OLED’s every move. Samsung and LGE have to solve fundamental OLED problems while the LCD industry works on small refinements. Curving displays always looked like a gimmick, but it set OLED apart – until now.

Descriptions of OLED as a success or a failure are both wide of the mark – in mobile it is undoubtedly a success and with time it should be possible to make TV OLED in volume. With time. The question is whether the mature LCD industry is prepared to grant that time. The advantages of emissive displays were proved with plasma, yet these could not overcome the scale of the LCD business (and its competitive pressure to reduce costs even below break-even).

With 4Kx2K, LCD has redefined the battlefield. We can expect further innovation to defend it.