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Calvin Hsieh

About Calvin Hsieh

Calvin is a Senior Analyst at DisplaySearch. He specializes in TV electronics and the evolution of TVs related to media convergence.
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FocalTech and Orise to Merge, Aiming at Smart Handheld

FocalTech, a leading touch controller IC maker, and Orise, a well-known smart handheld LCD driver IC solutions provider, have announced that they will merge operations under the name FocalTech, effective January 2015. While the new company will retain the name, and chairman – Genda Hu – of FocalTech, we believe the new company will represent a new form of vertical integration focused on the smart handheld device market.  Continue Reading

The Alliance of TPK Film and Nissha Printing: New Film-based Touch Sensors

One of the hottest topics in the touch industry has been ITO replacement materials, and the announcement on October 3rd that Nissha Printing is joining TPK Film, a joint venture of TPK and Cambrios developing nanowire-based touch sensors, is likely to create more attention. Continue Reading