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David Hsieh

About David Hsieh

David is the Vice President, Greater China Market for DisplaySearch and is a noted expert in TFT LCD and LCD TV research and analysis throughout Asia.
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4K LCD TV Panel Value Chain is Changing in 2014

With rapid adoption of the 4K in the TV market, the 4K LCD TV panel value chain is changing in 2014. In technology, developments such as RGBW, M+ or 1G1D (One Gate One Drain Driving) are aimed at making 4K LCD panels cheaper and more efficient. Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Display Shipments Drop in Q1’14 as HD/FHD Panels Grow

The first quarter is usually the slow season for mobile phone panel shipments, and Q1’14 was no exception. The recently published Quarterly Mobile Phone Display Shipment and Forecast Report reveals that mobile phone FPD shipments declined in Q1’14 due to seasonality, after set production peaked for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, even as HD and FHD panels continue to grow. Continue Reading

Black Friday Comes Early in 2014

Black Friday following Thanksgiving is the most important consumer electronics promotion time for the North America market, as TV brands work with retailers to cut prices to compete for consumers. Each year, special promotions and “fighter” models show up, with bigger sizes and lower prices each year. Continue Reading

For the First Time, Tablet PC Panel Shipments Decline Y/Y

Since Apple launched the first iPad in 2010, tablet PC shipments have grown continuously. Not only have tablet PCs been well-positioned between the casual and professional computing market segments, but the shift to mobility and the surrounding ecosystem exemplified by apps added to the attraction of the tablet PC. Continue Reading