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Paul Semenza

About Paul Semenza

Paul is President, NPD Technology Analyst Business. Paul is responsible for managing the DisplaySearch and Solarbuzz businesses within The NPD Group.
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Sony Unveils New TV Display Technology: Direct-Emission LED

Almost as an aside toward the end of an extensive press conference at CES, Sony CEO Howard Stringer mentioned that Sony had developed a new TV display technology called “Crystal LED.” We were able to find this new TV technology on the show floor. It turns out that it is a direct-view matrix of LEDs, as opposed to an LED-backlit LCD. Most direct-view LED displays have been made for outdoor billboards or large indoor signs. They are meant to be viewed from tens of meters away and have pixel pitches in the millimeters. This one is a 55” HD display, and thus is a greatly condensed version.
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Consolidation in MEMS Displays as Qualcomm Acquires Pixtronix

As the competition between OLED and LCD technologies heats up, news over the past week indicates that there will be consolidation in other display technologies. One of the technologies, MEMS, is being consolidated just as the first commercial product is coming to market. Another display technology, FED, does not have as bright of a future.
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Will Tablets Push HP to Exit PCs?

HP announced today that it is “exploring strategic alternatives” for its Personal Systems Group and exiting the market for webOS devices, which includes its TouchPad tablet. For years, critics have been agitating for HP to exit the PC business. With the board and executive leadership changes over the past year or so, this criticism died down somewhat. However, with the success of the iPad and failure of the TouchPad, the pressure has intensified again.
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