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Author Archives: Robin Wu

Robin Wu

About Robin Wu

Robin is a PC and TFT Analyst for DisplaySearch and focuses on PC, monitor, and panel markets.
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Large Area TFT LCD Panel Shipments Up 11% Y/Y, Hits Record Level

Large area TFT LCD panel shipment area showed significant increases in March and April. In March, the total large area panel shipment area reached a record high level of 12.5M square meters, and the in April reached 12.3M, with a strong 11% Y/Y increase. Continue Reading

The Rise of China: BOE and ChinaStar Passing a Million LCD TV Panels Shipped Per Month

A hot topic in the LCD and TV industry has been the rise of Chinese panel makers. For the past few years, Chinese panel makers have been building and ramping up new Gen 6 and Gen 8 fabs, targeting LCD TV panel production. Continue Reading

PC Innovation from China? Really?

To Western and mature-market PC purchasers, the term “China Innovation” has long been a contradiction. China has been perceived as a region of me-too products and cheap knock-off PCs. Western PC purchasers have often joked about fake brands from China, which attempted to confuse purchasers with real name-brand Japanese, American, European, and even Korean products. China has now become the world’s largest market for desktop PCs, which outpace mobile PC shipments in this market.
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