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Ross Rubin

About Ross Rubin

Ross is the Executive Director of Industry Analysis for The NPD Group. He advises on and analyszes consumer electronics and wireless, with an emphasis on connected intelligent devices and convergence.
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Visible Differentiation

Among the non-surprises at the launch of the new iPad was Apple keeping the “unbelievable” price points where they were for its original slate, including the opening price point of under $500. While I’d be very surprised to not see other companies – particularly HP – at least match Apple in that regard, the iPad has been able to compete on price versus even subsidized products like the Motorola Xoom that smartphone vendors have offered to their go-to channel.
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Reading More Gs On The Kindle

The arrival of the Kindle at AT&T stores represents more progress in the creeping distribution of Amazon’s popular e-reader. Originally, the Kindle was a 3G-only device powered by Sprint. However, the arrival of Wi-Fi-only competition from Barnes & Noble caused Amazon to respond with its own Wi-Fi-bound Kindle. Since then, far fewer consumers have opted to pay the 3G premium for either device, and Barnes & Noble decided to completely forego a cellular version of its Nook Color “reader’s tablet.” In contrast, category pioneer Sony has fallen behind as its entry-level e-reader, the Pocket Edition, lacks Wi-Fi and relies on PC sideloading.
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Tunnels To The Television

By Ross Rubin, Executive Director, Industry Analysis

At the DisplaySearch blog, my colleague Paul Gagnon examines the proposed Hulu subscription service and expresses concern that the service could be jeopardized by fearful cable stakeholders. Indeed, cable companies, such as Comcast, have likely been pressuring broadcasters such as NBC, which have in turn pressured Hulu to vigilantly block access to any device or software that is designed to display content on the television, as arbitrary as this “line in the sand” may be. A recent example of this was Hillcrest Labs’ Kylo TV browser that debuted at this year’s spring DEMO Conference, but which landed on its face because Hulu suddenly decided to block it.
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New Displays Bask in the Sunlight

By Ross Rubin, Executive Director, Industry Analysis, The NPD Group

At the DisplaySearch USFPD conference, the sun-drenched beachfront of San Diego was an appropriate setting for my panel that included representatives from two companies working on energy-efficient displays that excel at outdoor readability.
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