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Shawn Lee

About Shawn Lee

Shawn is a Senior Analyst for DisplaySearch. He specializes in panel maker capacity, TFT LCD components and product plans.
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Is Display Component Over Heat for China Smartphone Market?

When China Mobile announced a 100 million target for 4G LTE smartphone devices in 2014, component vendors aggressively dropped prices, even though the 4G smartphone market did not grow rapidly in 1H and the infrastructure and key components are not completely ready. Continue Reading

HD and FHD Smartphones Ramping Quickly in 2014

Display resolution in smartphones is changing rapidly. In our Smartphone Quarterly report, we forecast that HD (720×1280) and FHD (1080×1920) resolution smartphones are growing the fastest this year. The key drivers are adoption of LTE, application processor development, and display cost reductions. However, driver ICs could be a limiting factor for high resolution displays. Continue Reading

China’s Smartphone Market is Growing, Mostly for Chinese Brands

China’s smartphone market continues to grow; since passing North America to become the largest smartphone market in 2012, total shipments reached nearly 300 million units in 2013, and we forecast 400 million units in 2014 and double digit growth rates through 2016. Continue Reading