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Category Archives: Digital Entertainment

CES Wrap-Up: Home Media Gateways Proliferate

In the digital set top box world, change is often gradual.  However, at the Consumer Electronics Show, the rapid development and deployment of home media gateways was a key theme.  Twelve months ago, only a handful of these products existed.  In Las Vegas last week, they were prominently displayed by almost every vendor that supplies equipment to the pay-TV industry.
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Wilocity Announces Marketing Strategy and Product Availability

Wilocity is an Israel-based start-up that has been aggressive in pursuing the WiGig or 802.11ad silicon market. At CES, it has announced a marketing strategy for its 60 GHz solution that emphasizes the ability to use the technology at work, on the go, or at home. Continue Reading

With Latest iTunes Deal, Will Consumers Transition Away from Physical Media Sooner Than Expected?

By Paul Erickson, Director DVD and HD Market Research

Recently, the entertainment and technology media have been abuzz over the implications of the significant announcement by Apple that iTunes would now offer day and date releases of movie titles in conjunction with their regular release on DVD. The deal involves most of the major studios in Hollywood, and marks the first time that a single online or broadband-enabled source of paid movie content has had both broad studio support as well as day and date releases.

Conservatively, one may look at previous attempts to sell movies over the internet (or broadband, more specifically), and view this deal with a bit of skepticism. Earlier efforts, some with proprietary set-top boxes, either failed or generated lackluster sales. Many of the hindrances that existed then continue to exist now—dependency on broadband penetration; limited ways to watch content (e.g. PC or proprietary set-top); real-time options that involve less waiting (such as the local video store or cable VOD) and so on. Continue Reading