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Timing Controller & Driver IC Shortages Impacting LCD Supply

The T-con, or timing controller, IC is not a high value component in TFT LCD panels, but it plays a critical role in controlling the driving sequence of the display. One can think of the T-con as the conductor, while the driver IC works as the orchestra. Continue Reading

Amazon May Bring Physical Retail Stores to the Masses

Rumors abound this week that Amazon is going to trial a physical retail store in its home base of Seattle, WA. The online retail giant will reportedly stock the shelves with its successful Kindle lineup.  This, of course, includes the Kindle Fire tablet, which has emerged as a viable alternative to the Apple iPad. If the rumors are true, Amazon is likely responding to the success Apple has realized over the years with its dynamic retail stores, which allow potential customers to experience the latest Apple products before purchasing them. Continue Reading

Indian Government Approves New Manufacturing Policy

The Indian government approved a long-debated manufacturing policy on October 25. The intent of the policy is to boost the country’s manufacturing capability; to increase the share of manufacturing from the current level of around 16% of GDP to 25% by 2022; and to create 100 million new jobs in special manufacturing hubs. This could be critical for India as an expected 130 million Indians will be joining the workforce, many of whom may not be qualified to participate in India’s growing software industry.
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Samsung and LG Display Consider Moving Gen 8 Equipment from Korea to China

Recent reports suggest both Samsung and LG Display are evaluating the option of moving currently installed Gen 8 equipment from their Korean fabs to the new fabs they have been planning on building in China in 2012 and 2013. As analyzed in our recent Quarterly FPD Supply/Demand and Capital Spending Report, there are a variety of potential benefits as well as negatives with this “Move to China” strategy.
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