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Category Archives: LED

Flexible AMOLEDs: At the Tipping Point?

“At the tipping point” was the theme of the Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference held this week in Phoenix Arizona. The releases of the Samsung Galaxy Round and LG G Flex flexible AMOLED based smartphones in late 2013 were widely cited throughout the conference as evidence that flexible display technology has finally reached critical mass. Continue Reading

Who’s Got the Power for LCD Monitors?

With global demand for TVs remaining behind industry expectations, panel makers with fab lines to fill continue to eagerly look for ways to revitalize other large-area panel markets like monitors. Recent supply chain indications from Korean LCD manufacturers suggest a new wave of promotion for wide-viewing angle IPS (in-plane switching) and PLS (plane-to-line switching) panels for desktop monitors. As one can imagine, one way to promote these technologies is to lower the price premium over the standard TN (twisted nematic) for these arguably better technologies.
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