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Category Archives: Mobile Internet

A Step Back for the U.S. Mobile Payments Market

Ever since operators have been able to provide text messaging and data services to phones, it has been their aspiration to make the mobile phone a platform for mobile commerce. However, despite a brief period in which SMS was used as the payment mechanism for ring tones (consumers sent payment requests via text messages and were charged on their phone bill), SMS-based mobile payments never gained momentum, as it suffered from delays, lost messages, low payment rates, and high fees. Continue Reading

Amazon May Bring Physical Retail Stores to the Masses

Rumors abound this week that Amazon is going to trial a physical retail store in its home base of Seattle, WA. The online retail giant will reportedly stock the shelves with its successful Kindle lineup.  This, of course, includes the Kindle Fire tablet, which has emerged as a viable alternative to the Apple iPad. If the rumors are true, Amazon is likely responding to the success Apple has realized over the years with its dynamic retail stores, which allow potential customers to experience the latest Apple products before purchasing them. Continue Reading

NBC Sports to Stream the Super Bowl Live to Internet, Connected TVs, and Verizon Mobile Users

For the first time in its history, the National Football League has authorized the Super Bowl to be streamed “live” over the internet. Anyone with a connected TV, a laptop, or tablet will be able to “tune in” to the game over their internet connection. Individuals will even be able to pause and rewind the game, so people who don’t yet have a personal video recorder will get a chance to see what that’s all about. Continue Reading