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Category Archives: Semiconductors

A Storm is Brewing…

Intel recently revealed its most recent technological feat, the Rosepoint processor, which integrates Wi-Fi baseband and RF silicon into a dual-core Atom chip. By integrating more functions into the CPU, Intel will create better power efficiencies and make devices easier to design by cutting out the work of integrating two chips instead of just one. And while this processor is just a prototype at this point, it does paint an interesting picture of an upcoming clash between Qualcomm and Intel which may rival or exceed that of AMD vs. Intel. Continue Reading

Indian Government Approves New Manufacturing Policy

The Indian government approved a long-debated manufacturing policy on October 25. The intent of the policy is to boost the country’s manufacturing capability; to increase the share of manufacturing from the current level of around 16% of GDP to 25% by 2022; and to create 100 million new jobs in special manufacturing hubs. This could be critical for India as an expected 130 million Indians will be joining the workforce, many of whom may not be qualified to participate in India’s growing software industry.
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