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Category Archives: Small and Medium Displays

Mobile Phone Display Shipments Drop in Q1’14 as HD/FHD Panels Grow

The first quarter is usually the slow season for mobile phone panel shipments, and Q1’14 was no exception. The recently published Quarterly Mobile Phone Display Shipment and Forecast Report reveals that mobile phone FPD shipments declined in Q1’14 due to seasonality, after set production peaked for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, even as HD and FHD panels continue to grow. Continue Reading

Project Tango: From Gesture Sensing to Machine Vision

Project Tango was announced in February 2014. It is a special project from Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects, formerly part of Motorola) and Movidius, a startup in Silicon Valley. When Google sold Motorola (Mobility) to Lenovo, it held on to ATAP. Continue Reading