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The U.S. Solar PV Trade Investigations: What Do We Know Now?

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has released its preliminary findings for both the anti-subsidy (CVD) and anti-dumping (AD) investigations concerning Chinese and Taiwanese solar PV components. These investigations came about as a result of complaints, led by SolarWorld, of perceived unfair competition. Continue Reading

US Increases Duties for Chinese Solar PV Components and Extends to Taiwanese Products

The US Department of Commerce DOC released its preliminary findings in its anti-dumping (AD) investigation concerning Chinese and Taiwanese solar PV components, confirming that the DOC found evidence of dumping. Preliminary rates were set forth that vary by both country and specific company. Continue Reading

Ground-Mount Demand Outpacing Building-Mount in U.S. PV Market

Demand in the U.S. market can be viewed in a variety of ways: by state, by customer segment, by size, or by application segment. Each of these can reveal different aspects of how the market operates because each has unique drivers, suppliers, and growth potential. Continue Reading

Cumulative Global Solar PV Demand Surpasses 150 GW in 1H’14

The global solar PV industry continues to show strong growth, with over 150 GW of solar PV installed across the world. The industry has steadily grown over the past several years, increasing from an installed base of only 5 GW in 2005 to almost 200 GW forecast by the end of 2014. Continue Reading