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Category Archives: Display Technology

OLED TV Price Falls Again – What is the Sweet Spot?

LG Electronics has once again dropped the price on its curved OLED TV, now available on Amazon.com for $3,999. LGE introduced its OLED TV at $15,000 in the U.S. last July, making this a price cut of nearly three-quarters within a year; the price is likely to fall further as LG Display is struggling to raise OLED production yield and develop 4K OLED TVs by ramping up a new OLED production fab. Continue Reading

Apple and Sapphire

Sapphire and Apple’s plans to use it on upcoming iPhones have been hot topics recently. To date, Apple has only used sapphire for the rear camera lens and touch ID (for fingerprint chip), which have diameters less than 10mm. Speculation surrounds whether Apple would adopt sapphire for the cover glass of future iPhones, which would represent a significant increase in volume. Continue Reading

Touch Cost is Key to Understanding Adoption

While the projected capacitive approach dominates touch modules, there are many different sensor structures used to implement it. Touch and display makers are pushing for better touch and optical performance, thinner and lighter modules, and lower cost. The different sensor structures being developed reflect this struggle.  Continue Reading