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3D Sony Monitor? Aren’t They Out of the Monitor Business?

The Sony brand was once synonymous with high-end computer monitors. Graphic designers, business users, and PC game enthusiasts all wanted a big Trinitron CRT monitor. The transition to LCD monitors came before Sony had made any investments in large-area LCD production, so other brands were able to capture share in the monitor market. Despite Sony’s strong brand association for monitors, they exited this business in late 2007. Sony stayed in the PC business—notebooks, all-in-one PCs, and even tablet PCs—but hasn’t had desktop PCs or monitors in years.
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FPD International 2011: 3D, High Resolution, In-Cell Touch, and Transparent LCDs

Anyone attending FPD International 2011 in Yokohama has probably found that the atmosphere is slightly different from past years. There are fewer demonstrations, not as many new products, and unfortunately, lower attendance. Some panel makers are absent, and others are only showing a few products in small booths. These circumstances reflect the current difficulties in the display industry.
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Super High Resolution FPDs: The Future of Better Image Quality

The release of Apple’s iPhone 4 in June 2010, and its subsequent enormous commercial success, ushered in the age of super high resolution (SHR) FPDs, proving that consumers literally see the value of high resolution.

High resolution enables some 3D technologies, allowing viewing of larger displays at the same distance and improving the viewing experience of smart TV. But most importantly, high resolution appeals to all FPD users because it provides smoother, higher quality images.
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IFA Day 2: 3D or Not 3D, and Where is Plasma?

Samsung put on its usual impressive show for the press, although it was heavily product focused. Behind the specifics was the repeated assertion that Samsung was listening to its consumers. This comes from a transition in the company from hardware to software and services, according to BK Yoon, head of Samsung’s Visual Display business. 3D was lightly mentioned (in the claim that Samsung had the #1 position in the market). Of course, while new Galaxy tablet products were launched, the fact that Samsung is currently unable to sell them in Germany due to a court judgment was not mentioned, nor was there any mention of the economy.
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