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Does the Future of TV Smell like Roses?

It seems that at least one of the big set makers is already looking beyond 3D by tapping into the sense of smell. I guess that there is potential for a printer business model with high-cost cartridges that contain a palette of perfumes inside. This might appeal to some; however, I would fear that my living room could end up with a morning-after smell of wet dog or stale pizza.
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Why Can’t Energy Efficiency Sell TVs?

For the TV industry, the low-hanging fruit has mostly been picked—the major markets have converted to flat panel sets, analog broadcasting has or will soon be over, and consumers are not upgrading to 40”+ and 50”+ sizes as quickly as set makers had expected. This is causing intense competition in what is becoming a commodity business. The low or negative profits that most set makers have been facing as a result has led them to search for ways to increase actual or perceived value to the consumer. This has mostly been evident in 3D, which for several reasons has not been as exciting to consumers as had been hoped. Continue Reading


Major Japanese Small/Medium FPD Maker to Compete with Taiwan and Korea

Two major events in the Japanese small/medium LCD industry made headlines in June: Sharp announced it would convert its large-area panel factory in Kameyama to produce small/medium displays, and speculation emerged that LCD operations owned by Toshiba and Sony would be merged into a new company. The stories also indicated that Hitachi may join the joint venture, and that the public-private Innovation Network Corp of Japan would invest $2.5 billion and be the majority shareholder.
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Computex 2011: a Big Tablet PC Show, but Apple is Still Apple

Computex, one of the largest information and communication technology events in the world, starts on May 31 in Taipei, Taiwan. There will be over 1,800 exhibitors, with more than 36,000 attendees expected. Taiwanese companies such as Acer, ASUS, ViewSonic, Hon Hai, and Delta will exhibit their latest products, as well as Intel, nVidia, AMD, RMB, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Qualcomm, ARM and Marvell.
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