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Tag Archives: Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon May Bring Physical Retail Stores to the Masses

Rumors abound this week that Amazon is going to trial a physical retail store in its home base of Seattle, WA. The online retail giant will reportedly stock the shelves with its successful Kindle lineup.  This, of course, includes the Kindle Fire tablet, which has emerged as a viable alternative to the Apple iPad. If the rumors are true, Amazon is likely responding to the success Apple has realized over the years with its dynamic retail stores, which allow potential customers to experience the latest Apple products before purchasing them. Continue Reading

Amazon Kindle Fire Launch: What Amazon Learned From Apple

Apple continues to reign supreme with the iPad, while competing tablet makers’ have failed in their attempts to topple the company. With the Amazon Kindle Fire launch, many are wondering just how the newest tablet entry will impact the popular tablet segment. The Kindle Fire is showing signs of great promise: affordable price points, strong pre-orders, and the company’s efforts to understand new consumer behavior. Amazon is in a position make significant strides where other non-Apple tablet OEMs have failed, because the online retail giant is taking two important pages from Apple’s playbook: don’t be a first-mover, and aim for the ecosystem—hardware + content + easy delivery—not just the device.
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Amazon Wants to Learn How Buyers Use Their Kindle Fires

The tablet PC market has been largely a one horse race, with Apple in the lead mainly because the company has done of a good job of providing customers with what they want. The other players have had a hard time figuring out what customers want, let alone being able to provide it. Well, one future entrant is aiming to fix that by going straight into the horse’s mouth.
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