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Tag Archives: Black Friday

TV Panel Shipments Remain Strong – For Now

Currently, there are mixed signals on LCD TV panel supply/demand. Panel makers expect that inventory corrections have come to an end (panel price reductions were modest in December), continue to ship at high levels in Q4’13, and are forecasting firm panel shipments for Q1’14, despite the usual seasonal decline. Continue Reading

Pavlovian Shoppers and The Demise of TV Retailing

If you are a client, colleague or collaborator of mine you’ve probably heard me preaching about how TV retailing needs to change. For years, primarily since the flat panel TV transition kicked off near the early part of the last decade, TV’s have been a go-to door buster for retailers seeking to entice early holiday shoppers. Continue Reading

Boom or Bust Black Thursday? Both.

The title of this blog might seem strange, if you weren’t keyed in to the fact that retailers have been opening their doors to “Black Friday” shoppers earlier each year. Most of the major in-store deals started this year at 6 PM on Thanksgiving, and so I began my annual pilgrimage a little earlier this year. I was focused on TVs, and the key Black Friday door-buster specials this year were once again spectacular.

Continue Reading