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Major Changes At Best Buy Now, Maybe More to Come For The CE Industry

In a somewhat surprising bit of news today, the CEO of Best Buy, Brian Dunn, announced his resignation. Dunn was a 28-year veteran of the leading electronics retailer in the US and rose up through the ranks after starting as a salesperson. Continue Reading

Good LCD TV Sales During China’s Golden Week National Holiday

According to a variety of sources, LCD TVs sales were up about 10% Y/Y during the National Day Golden Week in China, Oct 1-7. Gome, one of the largest national chain stores, officially announced its AV sales grew 16%, out-performing the average 15% during Golden Week. Local brands took share through aggressive promotion of high-end TVs and by using emerging channels such as specialty stores, group purchases, and online sales.
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Chromebooks: What Netbooks Should Have Been All Along

When netbooks were first launched in late 2008, they were billed as clamshell devices meant to access the internet. About a decade earlier, these devices were also referred to as internet appliances. These netbooks were much less expensive than notebooks at the time, partly because of their limited functionality and partly because of their sleek size (eliminating components such as optical drives). The concept of these devices quickly devolved as consumers focused on price. Brands seized the growing demand opportunity and slapped together miniature notebooks using what they had at the time: notebook components.
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HP’s TouchPad Launch Includes Crucial Retail Store Feature

HP officially launched its $499.99 TouchPad tablet in the US on Friday, July 1. The PC maker is joining the growing list of competitors who are lining up to challenge Apple’s iPad and gain a foothold in a rapidly expanding tablet market. Similar to other competing devices, the TouchPad has received mixed reviews. Many have said that HP got the operating system and user interface right, but the hardware and the app library need work. Another area HP got right, at least for now, is the retail experience.
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