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OLED TV Price Falls Again – What is the Sweet Spot?

LG Electronics has once again dropped the price on its curved OLED TV, now available on Amazon.com for $3,999. LGE introduced its OLED TV at $15,000 in the U.S. last July, making this a price cut of nearly three-quarters within a year; the price is likely to fall further as LG Display is struggling to raise OLED production yield and develop 4K OLED TVs by ramping up a new OLED production fab. Continue Reading

LGE Discounting OLED TV Before Rolling Out New Products?

At CES last week, LGE took a leadership position in rolling out OLED TV. The company announced five 2014 OLED TV models, expanding into new sizes and variants. Its rival Samsung barely mentioned OLED TV, instead focusing on curved and 4K LCD TVs. In Las Vegas, and indeed in the global TV market, LGE has the OLED TV field largely to itself. Continue Reading

OLED and Plasma Commitments at CES for LGE, Samsung Focuses on UHD and Curved

Along with my colleagues, I attended the LGE US press conference this morning to kick off our coverage of CES 2014. LGE has held the opening press conference at CES on Press Day for a number of years now, and the press corps was in full attendance. Other key unveilings were made by Samsung and Vizio. Continue Reading