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Project Tango: From Gesture Sensing to Machine Vision

Project Tango was announced in February 2014. It is a special project from Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects, formerly part of Motorola) and Movidius, a startup in Silicon Valley. When Google sold Motorola (Mobility) to Lenovo, it held on to ATAP. Continue Reading

A Tizen Smartphone Finally Arriving After Two Years?

Since the establishment of the Tizen Association in 2012, the mobile industry had been expecting a Tizen-powered smartphone from Samsung that would work on networks such as NTTDoCoMo, Orange, and Vodafone. Tizen, originally called the LiMo Foundation, is supported by various handset manufacturers and operators, as well as Intel, who are looking for a 3rd mobile OS to hedge against heavy reliance on Google’s Android and/or Apple’s iOS. Continue Reading

HD and FHD Smartphones Ramping Quickly in 2014

Display resolution in smartphones is changing rapidly. In our Smartphone Quarterly report, we forecast that HD (720×1280) and FHD (1080×1920) resolution smartphones are growing the fastest this year. The key drivers are adoption of LTE, application processor development, and display cost reductions. However, driver ICs could be a limiting factor for high resolution displays. Continue Reading